Tips for Your Child’s First Swim Lesson

If you’ve been following us on Instagram (come check us out! @FitBottomedMama), you may seen a…

If you’ve been following us on Instagram (come check us out! @FitBottomedMama), you may seen a few posts or Insta stories about my daughter’s experience at Goldfish Swim School. (Spoiler: They let her try a few months of swim lessons on the house, and it’s been awesome!)

Today, in addition to those behind-the-scenes glimpses, we’re sharing tips for your child’s first swim lesson, straight from Nicole Salmeto, general manager of Goldfish Swim School in Overland Park, Kan.

1. Get excited.

Get your child fired up for their first swim lesson. Talk it up with them and express to them how much fun they are going to have. Read books to them about swimming and even go shopping and let them pick out a new swimsuit and / or towel or googles

2. Be aware of your actions/attitude about lessons.

Children can feed off of their parents’ fear. If you are nervous about lessons, your child will sense that.

3. Come early.

We always suggest parents either come to watch lessons, attend open swim, or just arrive early to their class. This allows the child to be introduced to the facility prior to their lessons.

4. Stick with it.

It can take a few sessions for your child to become comfortable with their lessons (we usually see it their comfort level increase in three or four). By sticking with it, this gives your child the opportunity to build a relationship with their instructor, eventually gaining their trust.

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Seriously, if you’re in the Kansas City area, come join us at Goldfish Swim School! And! If you’re not in KC, check out the Goldfish Swim School site to see the closest location in your area. They make swimming SO fun for the whole family! –Jenn