How to Get the Most Out of an Astrology or Tarot Card Reading

Nichell Delvaille is a Holistic Soul Coach and Reiki Master. She has certifications in Western…

Nichell Delvaille is a Holistic Soul Coach and Reiki Master. She has certifications in Western Herbalism, Kripalu 200HR YTT, Foundations of Ayurveda, Reiki, Restorative Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, and Holistic Life Coaching. She has worked at Whole Foods Market as a Healthy Eating Specialist under the tutelage of plant-based guru Rip Esselstyn. Nichell’s readings are holistic, empowering, and nurturing (work with her here and follow her on Insta here). She gives you a lot to think about. She gives homework. Her main goal is to help people rise in their consciousness. And, today, we are SO excited to share a guest post from Nichell on what to expect and how to make the most of your first astrology or tarot card reading — plus, her reading of what we can collectively expect in 2021!

Have you ever had an astrology or tarot card reading? Are you unsure of what to expect? Here are three things to know — and how to make the absolute most of it.

1. Know what the reading is — and what it isn’t.

Astrology and tarot card readings are not about instant gratification, nor are they about prediction. Astrology and tarot cards are brilliant tools to gain in-depth insight and knowledge for self development and soul evolution. Self development and soul evolution are a whole life’s journey. They’re excellent for goal setting.

2. Understand your power.

YOU are the cocreator of your life. A reader can give you insight and information — think of it as seeds of “ideas” for the future. You pick and choose from those seeds as to what you will plant in your garden.

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3. Be direct — and brave.

Ask the questions you fear asking. Know that most of the answers will be based upon self nurturing and practicality.

Readings can be exciting and fun as you understand what makes you tick. The most common response from my clients after their reading is that they gain tremendous clarity and peace of mind. Try it!

And, now, a reading for us all for the new year.

2021: Welcome to the Age of Aquarius.

With Jupiter and Saturn both moving out of Capricorn and into Aquarius in December of 2020, things will shift significantly. The focus will move from authoritarian / governmental control to the control of the people. Aquarius represents humanity and the future. Over the next three years, revolutionary individuals will step forward on a grand scale to lead communities into better ways of living. There will also be a focus on the youth, as the youth could also rise up and lead the way! –Nichell Delvaille

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