5 Fun Yoga Poses to Do With Your Kids

Right now I’ve been craving more yoga. And because school is out and childcare isn’t…

Right now I’ve been craving more yoga.

And because school is out and childcare isn’t readily available here yet, I’ve found that if I want to get more yoga in my life, it’s going to need to involve my kids.

Which, really, has been relatively fun to do … at least for the first few minutes.

My five-year-old daughter and I both bust out our yoga mats, put on a short video, do some poses while the twins crawl around, and then, after about five minutes, my eldest asks to watch YouTube, while the twins hightail it to the bathroom to try to pull-to-stand using the toilet. (Why is the toilet so fascinating to kids?!)

Yoga session over.

*Face palm.*

That’s why I was pumped to hear of a new book by one of our fave yoga instructors: Yoga Animals: A Wild Introduction to Kid-Friendly Poses. Tara Stiles put together the cutest pose-by-pose picture book for young yogis that feature animal-inspired stretches and movements.

The animals that inspire the poses keep my daughter more entertained and engaged (everyone loves adorable animals photos!), the twins like watching us act like animals, and I still enjoy the poses mentally and physically  — so we all do yoga for a bit longer together. Truly, it’s a win-win-win.

And I’m happy that National Geographic Kids Books has given us permission to share five of these animal-inspired yoga poses for kids for you today — one even has a video to go with it. Try ’em with your kiddos!

1. Reach Like a Giraffe

2. Bend Like a Gorilla

3. Tuck Like a Bunny

Plus, video!

4. Slide Like a Cobra

5. Stretch Like a Puppy

Cute, right?! Which pose does your little one like the most? My kiddos love the puppy one best because it always leads to lots of barking and snuggling. –Jenn

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