13 Podcast Eps for Instant Fit Foodie Inspiration

Are your meals and snacks getting a little stale and boring? In need of a…

Are your meals and snacks getting a little stale and boring? In need of a little fit foodie inspiration?

Hey, we’ve all been there!

And these 13 podcast episodes are the remedy. From tasty recipes to meal inspiration to hacks for making cooking easier and more fun (with a totally non-diet and intuitive-eating approach), it’s food for thought … for your earholes!

Ep 111: Nealy Fischer, The Flexible Chef

A great ep on how to ditch perfection in the kitchen.

Ep 102: Nutritionist Ellie Krieger

Get inspired by her favorite go-to meals!

Ep 87: Siri Daly

How to include your kids in the cooking process — and have it be fun for all.

Ep 85: Nutrition Expert Whitney E. RD (Part 2)

Info on the best foods to eat pre- and post-workouts.

Ep 80: Nutrition Expert Whitney E. RD (Part 1)

Get motivated to try more plant-based foods.

Ep 73: Fitness and Plant-Based Eating Expert Audrey Dunham

All the meal-prep tips!

Ep 68: Adam Bannon of Fit Couple Cooks

Practical tips on storing, freezing, and reheating food.

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Ep 66: The Dirty Vegan, Catherine Gill

How to cook and bake in a vegan-friendly way that is delicious and satisfying.

Ep 59: Craft Beer & Food Expert Lori Rice

Expert tips on pairing beer with food!

Ep 57: Dr. Stu Farrimond and the Science of Cooking

Geek out with the facts on cooking — including where to store your eggs and what type of knives to buy.

Ep 44: Devyn Sisson

Embrace your intuition in the kitchen.

Ep 20: Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo

Paleo curious? Start here.

Ep 4: Dietitian Frances Largeman-Roth

Ditch food trends and diets for sanity in the kitchen (and with yourself!).

Now that we’ve shared those … we gotta know: What food will you be cooking up tonight — or what tip will you start using starting now?! It’s time for me to start using the defrost bowl that Michelle Tam suggests! —Jenn