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Power Air Fryer Review 2017

power air fryer reviews

Let’s face it; deep fried foods taste great. No one will hesitate to clear a plate that contains such food. However, the health concerns that have been raised about these foods can send us back to the drawing board. Many health bodies have expressed their concerns over the effects of deep fried food and how they can cause different types of diseases due to too much oil used to prepare them.

But is there a way of making your deep-fried foods without using too much oil? Power Air Fryer is providing this solution. Instead of oil, the device uses super-heated air to cook the food. It is a six in one appliance that can be used to prepare anything. You will eat your food without being engulfed with some sense of guilt since there will be 80% less of fat as compared to if you had used the traditional method of cooking whereby oil is involved.


Worried about the flavor of the food? Worry no more as your food will retain its natural flavor and taste. It will still be delicious and maybe even better than when you would have used some oil to prepare it. Here is a complete review that will give you a deeper understanding of the Power Air Fryer.


About Manufacturer

Power Air Fryer is a product of the Tristar Products. The kitchen appliance is heavily promoted by Eric Theiss who is an experienced culinary expert, a former chef and also an author. Eric has also presented several cooking appliances in the QVC. An endorsement from such an authoritative figure is a sign that the product has passed quality tests. The manufacturer claims that this is the safest and the most convenient fryer that you will ever get in the market.


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Large Grip Handle

Handling the appliance will be one of the easiest things that you will ever do. The handles are large and have a perfect grip. This means that you can remove the food basket from the Power Air Fryer without straining or fear that it will drop.

The fryer has Smart Sensor Presets

The device ensures that you eat your food when it is well-cooked. It won’t be overcooked or undercooked. This is made sure by the smart sensor presets that come with it. These are pre-programmed settings that can help you prepare food at perfect temperatures and exact time. You only need to select the program that you want to use, and the rest of the work will be taken care of.

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Available in two colors

Power Air Fryer is available in two colors, black and red. You are free to purchase the device with the color of your choice.

Comes in two sizes

The frying machine also comes in two different sizes, meant to suit your cooking needs. The smaller device contains a 3.4-quart basket. It was specially designed to meet the needs of less than four people. The larger version of the appliance contains a 5.3-quart basket. The basket can serve up to six people at once and is suitable for small parties. Your choice of the fryer depends on the quantity of food you are planning to prepare and the number of people to serve.

Copper nonstick surface

The food basket of the fryer is made of the non-stick copper surface. This means that your food won’t stick to the surface which makes it easy to clean.

Comes with a recipe book

An order of the appliance comes with a recipe book. The book contains some of the most favorite recipes adored in America. Note that all the recipes highlighted in the book can be prepared using the fryer.

A Flexible divider

You can cook different foods at the same time. This is possible thanks to the adjustable divider that can be fixed inside the food basket.

Auto Timer

Power Air Fryer comes with an inbuilt auto timer that can automatically go off. When the timer goes off, the fryer stops cooking. This feature comes handy when it comes to monitoring your food. You don’t have to be there throughout the cooking period.


How Power Air Fryer Workspower air fryer

From the general perspective, Power Air Fryer strikes some similarity with the deep fryers. Both can make your food crunchy and delicious. However, the difference comes in their mode of operation. A deep fryer uses large quantities of oil to achieve the same results of an air fryer. Instead of fat and oil, the Power Air Fryer uses a wave of superheated air.

This translates to low levels of calories in the food and minimal chances of getting burned by hot oil. The air fryer has a removable chunky tray where you put the food that you are preparing. Once the tray is filled up, you are required to fix the tray back inside the fryer then choose your preferred cooking method. The cooking time depends on the food that you are preparing. For instance, a chicken will take less than half an hour to cook.

In general, the manufacturer claims that the food will take much shorter time to be ready. The wave of superheated air in the fryer is capable of giving your food a crispy-fried taste without filling up your body with tons of calories.

Benefits of Power Air Fryer

-Zero calories: The fryer requires minimal usage of fats and oils, hence fewer calories in the food. You can eat your fried food peacefully without worrying about the health repercussions.

-Delicious food: The taste and flavor of the food won’t fade away. Even with no oil, your food will have a great crispy taste.

-Safe to use: Power Air Fryer protects you from various risks, especially when compared to traditional fryers. Since no oil is used, you won’t fear for your skin being splashed with hot oil. -Easy to clean: The food basket of the fryer can be cleaned using a dishwasher.


-When cooking large quantities of food, you may be forced to keep turning the food so that it cooks evenly, which can be quite a cumbersome process.

-Sometimes, releasing the food basket from the fryer can be quite hectic.


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Do you eat fries on a regular basis? Would you like to lead a healthy life that’s free of calories? If the answers to these questions are yes, then you should consider buying a Power Air Fryer. But before buying one, consider reading the reviews on the internet to see what other people are saying about the product.

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