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Crystalline Energy Healing Massage

Crystalline Healing Massage

Are you tired of receiving 3rd dimensional massage therapy that feels mechanical?  Not sure where to turn?

Look no further. You have come to the right place!

Crystalline Healing is specific to help lift out denseness and emotional pain out of the cells in body, helping one feel lighter This work is a unique healing method that helps release resistance and facilitates healing. Cedar specializes in this extraordinary healing work which is infused into her Massage Chair Therapy by maintaining a still point in an expanded state, utilizing an advanced technique called “Vortex Healing” using her Crystalline Hands to magnify highest vibrational Divine Light within the body and mind.

Crystalline Energy Healing


Crystalline Healing HandsCedar Martyn is honored to be here of service as a light worker, carrying an energetic Crystalline Healing sacred geometry in her hands, offering her service as a healer of Divine Light. With the help of working with renowned intuitive coach and founder of Quantum Vortex, Meg Benedicte. Cedar has been able to activate her unique touch as an Energy Healer, and has integrated this work into her massage sessions.

Throughout time, every thought, emotion, talent and ability is stored in our cellular structure and is available though soul retrieval. Cedar first became aware of her healing potential during a series of past life regressions in which she connected to her parallel lives as a powerful healer.

Blessed with a crystalline healing system in her hands, also known as Metatron’s Sacred Geometry or The Flower of Life; her hands contain the templates from which all life springs. The constant fluid motion of the geometric templates align with and enhance the evolving “spirit matter” of the body, transforming the molecular structure of the physical form.

Crystalline-energetic substance that is composed of specific patterns of frequency

Cedar’s Crystalline Healing is a type of energy work that makes use of touch, her crystalline hand’s and visualization to access the Divine life force to help restore health. Cedar places her hands on areas of energy called chakras, as well as the major organs and glands of the body, in order to balance the energy of the body, mind, and spirit.

What distinguishes Crystalline Healing from other healing modalities is the spinning vortex of light. By opening a vortex of energy around Cedar during session she can access light up into the 12 dimensions, throughout time and space, as well as draw upon Divine Energy not attainable by most healers yet.


Prior to Therapeutic bodywork, Cedar infuses Divine Light into the Sacred Geometry in her hands. The Crystalline healing system infuses into the physical form and lifts out denseness deep within the cells, which helps open the body and mind for healing. By preparing the body for transformation, Cedar’s healing hands replace Divine life force into the depleted areas; birthing new, healthy cells.

Through the partnership with the angels and spirit guides of the client, she intuitively moves her hands as guided, providing the optimal conditions for energetic and physical healing to occur. It is this combination of therapeutic bodywork and benevolent guidance that creates Cedar’ unique approach to healing the mind, body and spirit.

Illnesses arises when the flow of Qi becomes unbalanced or blocked in the body. In other words, pain or illness represents an obstruction in the normal flow of Qi or life force.

As each session is unique for everyone, results range from a variation of energetic and emotional releases which helps release pain and energetic blocks held in the body. keeping the body’s energy in a balanced state is the key to maintaining health. In each session Cedar seeks to help the client re-balance energy in the body, by stimulating, unblocking, or dispersing it. The result is a greater sense of energy and well-being.

Attention: Crystalline energy healing is NOT Reiki. Crystalline energy healing does not involve external codes or symbols, but instead is a more advanced secured, closed loop system; using only pure Divine God light. Crystalline Healing differs from other healing modalities by use of the spinning vortex, the sacred geometry and Divine light. By opening a vortex of energy around her during session, Cedar can access light up into the 12 dimensions, throughout time and space, as well as draw upon Divine Energy. This is unique and not attainable by most healers at this time

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